• Currently, there is a 2 tower 16 story apartment complex being constructed across the street. Parking is plentiful but inconsistent now thru Dec 2015.

  • There is 2 hour street parking in front of the building (Oak Ave) and on Emerson Street. There is also 2 hour metered parking on University Drive, on the south side of the building.

  • There is a 24 hour covered Municipal Parking Garage with an entrance on Maple Street and one on University Ave. This Garage is approximately 60 yards away from the BYE building.

  • There is a Northwestern University Parking lot across the street from BYE. It is available to the public:
    Mon - Friday: 4pm - 7am
    Sat & Sun: ALL WEEKEND

  • On Saturdays throughout the Summer and Fall, there is a wonderful Farmer's Market from 6am - 2pm. Parking in the Municipal Lot just behind the Farmer's Market is FREE, during Farmer's Market hours. Please bring your ticket to be validated at the Validation Booth on the south side of the Market next to the garage.



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