What to Bring / Expect? 
  • Classes are designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced.
    If you have
    never taken a yoga class before, you will work at
    own pace with the guidance of your instructor. 
    There's a place to begin for everyone!

  • Bring a yoga mat, towel (large enough to cover most of your mat) & water.
    We sell mats & bottled water and rent towels and mats.

  • The room will be hot and you will sweat so it is advisable to
    wear lightweight clothes that are snug and breathable. Most men

    choose to wear bathing
     suits or shorts and women are usually
    comfortable in shorts, tank tops, sport bras or bathing suits.

  • New Students:
    Please arrive at the studio at least 20 minutes prior to class time.

    This will give
     you ample time to check in, change your clothes and
    meet your instructor.  Doors open 30 minutes before class.

  • It is best to practice yoga on a empty stomach, so we advise that
    you not eat for
    at least 2-3 hours before class begins. It is however 
    important to be properly
    hydrated so drink plenty of water
    before class.

  • The studio has showers and changing rooms for your convenience.


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